Situation Normal Wins North Queensland Trailer Yacht Champs

27 / 06 / 2011

Sadly up there in northern Queensland, despite the flooding in recent years, there seems to be a bit of a struggle to get lots of boats out except for the big few regattas like Airlie. Nevertheless, the mighty Situation Normal (or SNAFU) did head to head battle with experienced SB sailor John Rae in Guided Missile, a Stealth 8 which is a super nice boat.


With races lasting just under an hour, the Stealth gives a Shaw 650 around 6 minutes an hour on paper, but David Mann was guiding his boat to within 2-3 min of the bigger boat, giving him the title and a nice boost as the boat now gets ready for the high seas of Airlie Raceweek. The SMS system has continued to develop and the Shaw seems to rate fairly under this handicap system which is based on measurements and does not use subjective measures.