Octopussy reaches 23.4 knots; 1st on line; 2nd on SMS

14 / 06 / 2011

Nice little result by the Octopussy in the last weekend gone by; sailing with the big kite and in some big breeze, perhaps 1/2 owner Rees wished he'd already built his reaching kite! Despite a bit of a navigation confusion (the problem of being a lead boat sometimes), Octopussy has taken a nice podium spot early on in the Fremantle winter series, and I am sure hopes to take a few wins away from the top Viper in Perth, which is very well sailed, and did well to come so close to the 650. Nice pics to follow....http://www.fsc.com.au/cproot/1317/3/sports%20boats.pdf

Shaw 650 Octopussy on the burst



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