Sailing News

Octopussy 2nd in the State Champs, WA 2012

20 / 03 / 2012

well done to the boys on Octopussy, with a 2nd place in the WA Champs held recently in Western Australia. Up against a mixed fleet including the always competitive vipers and Thompsons, wind conditions remained sub planing with a maximum of 8 knots over the 2 days.



3 More Shaws

19 / 03 / 2012

Bringing delight to sailors throughout Australia, another 3 Shaws have landed in Australia with Moneyshot heading north to Brisbane, and the other two currently in Port Stephens en route to Tasmania. (not via a map of Tasmania, just Tasmania, the island that is halfway between New Zealand and Australia, and for our American friends, famed for Tasmanian devils, a creature that has a head of a goat and the body of a bat with legs like a monkey, and the voice of a young Harry Chronic Junior).


Big Situation - More than Normal

10 / 03 / 2012

once again Situation Normal has been tearing up the waters off Gladstone...not content with adding a new member to the family (the VERY VERY cute Addison), owner David Mann and crew also have been adding items to the trophy cabinet (Australian translation "Pool Room") with some impressive on water performance, regularly footing it with the Farr 30s and coming out ahead...on the water!