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Sailing should be fun, it should be affordable and it should be fast.

The Shaw 650 created by Designer Rob Shaw is a lightweight design that is easily driven, with lower sheet loads, easier planing and easier transportation. For a sailor on a budget, we've got the answer to keeping up with the fleet (or leaving the fleet behind).

We produce a high quality production yacht, drawing on a rich heritage of Kiwi craftsmen, experts and sailors who have spent the last 30 years producing fast, light boats. We make no compromise in quality or performance and each boat produced has been personally inspected by the Shaw 650 team ensuring your complete satisfaction as it gets unpacked at the other end. Produced in Thailand, each boat is delivered to the same quality and specifications.

We are the only class that actively support home builds, with plans available and OD rules developed to encourage home builds to race against glass boats.


Beck Hobday Tong Co., Ltd.: Managing Director Kipsan Beck



Design:  Rob Shaw, Shaw Yacht Design
Rig:  Alex Valling, C-Tech
Sails: Phil Auger, Lyttleton Sails
Construction: Luigi Innamorati, Andaman Boatyard

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write an email or call 0841384555

Address 10/32 Lert Ubol Skylife Tower, Lard Prao Soi 8, Bangkok 10900, THAILAND