To purchase a Shaw 650 sailboat, there are three options - unique in the world of sportsboats:

1. Buy a new Shaw 650, we build new glass boat for you.

2. Purchase a used Shaw 650

3. Buy a set of boat plans and build your own Shaw 650

We handle the first option, but from time to time can advise on second hand boats available. For home builds, plans are $1,000 NZD and available from us or from Rob Shaw,

To purchase, we provide the boat in the specification you require, delivered to either our dealer or owner representative (in areas where dealer is available) for your pick up, or for delivery to an agreed local port.

Shaw 650 Sailboat Specification: Standard (provided either as kit with minor assembly (cheaper) or fully assembled (full price)

  • Complete sailboat – white with anti slip EVA foam deck in gunmetal grey with asymetric diamond pattern
  • Sail inventory – Squaretop kevlar main & jib; AP kite; sail bags
  • Full deckgear and sheets/control lines (Harken/Ronstan)
  • Full carbon mast, boom, prod with 4mm dyform rigging and adjustable turnbuckles
  • Carbon rudder including tiller and extension with RWO gudgeon system
  • Carbon keel including bulb and lifting winch or bridle
  • Documentation to go fast from day 1
  • CE Mark (Europe)

Shaw 650 Additional Sailboat Options

  • Kevlar loadpath sails upgrade
  • Reaching kite
  • Number 2 jib
  • Road trailer including bunks and registration
  • Bunks only (for your own trailer)
  • Boat cover
  • Outboard
  • Outboard bracket
  • Rudder bag
  • Team shirts
  • Velocitek Prostart

Shaw 650 Sailboat Price List

Specification: standard; including 3 sails; including trailer; freight on board ex. Thailand (refer lower for delivery/duty/GST) *

  • New Zealand $38,850 NZD (+ shipping + GST 15% = total price approximately NZD $49,990)
  • Australia $36,490 AUD (+ shipping + GST 10% = total price approximately AUD $45,990)
  • USA $28,990 USD (+ shipping + duty + sales tax = total price approximately USD $40,990)

Europe Specification: standard; including sails; including trailer; delivery to Luzern (subject to final shipping costs)

  • Switzerland approx. $42,000 CHF (incl. shipping/VAT 8%)
  • Germany delivery ex. Switzerland

Contact us for full price list details for options; prices are set for each market and subject to currency change.  From time to time we will have special promotional offers for certain locations!

* Note: shipping per container load is approximately 4,000 – 8,000 USD depending on exact point of delivery, and obviously ordering 2/3 boats reduces the cost of shipping for the order - approximate prices are based on shipping 2 boats at a time.



We will send you the Purchase Agreement for your signature and when you return the agreement and transfer a refundable $1,000 deposit to our account, the purchase process commences. All purchases are protected by Thailand Consumer Law, and we happily supply a list of owners in your area to discuss any concerns of items you may wish.  We can customise the package you wish to receive; if you wish to set up the deckgear yourself, or want to handle deckgear fitting, or have a graphical look like no other…we can do it….ask to find out more!

Construction of your sailboat commences with signing all agreements and payment of 35% of the total purchase value to our account and agreed delivery date.

Approximately 6-12 weeks later, you will be required to make a further payment of 35% of the total purchase value to our account 7 days prior to the boat being shipped from our factory in Thailand.  Shipping will be billed to you separately with payment due prior to arrival, typically this is around 4,000 – 8,000USD complete, depending on the delivery location, including charges of inspection and so forth.  In the event that 2 boats are delivered together, we will introduce you to eachother, and expect that as 'neighbours' you will be able to reach some agreement on who will act as consignee.

The final 30% will be paid when the container arrives in your local port a few days prior to you taking possession of your brand new Shaw 650. Note, you will also need to prepare payment for the duty and GST upon arrival; we supply you all documents for this.  In markets where we have an owner rep, you may also enjoy their service to take care of these for you (but you will obviously still have to pay for it).  A 1 year limited warranty covers construction and materials.


Shaw 650 Sailboat buying process – Germany, Switzerland, Australia

Please contact our local distributor for further information and updated pricing in each market; options for customisation are subject to availability:

  • Bucher+Schmid Bootswerft AG, Luzern
  • Tel: +41 41 360 22 67
  • All boats are sold with CE mark.


Shaw650 Sailboat Reps

  • Australia -West Coast: Peter Chalmer
  • New Zealand: Beck Shaw Boats
  • USA: Maryland: Doug Bowman, Annapolis
  • USA: North East Coast: Lee Beck
  • Asia: Kipsan Beck, Beck Hobday Tong, Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Switzerland (refer above): Bucher+Schmid Bootswerft AG
  • Germany (refer above): Bucher+Schmid Bootswerft AG
  •  Austria (refer above): Bucher+Schmid Bootswerft AG
  • Rest of the world (or for rep enquiries): &

Agreements and Purchase Process

Use the contact us form to register your interest and to receive the purchase documentation.

Terms and conditions apply for purchase of Shaw 650; contact us for more information!