Winner Winner Chicken D…..ok ok 2nd and 3rd

24 / 06 / 2013

Congratulations to 2nd and 3rd place winners MoneyShot (Noel/Ben Leigh-Smiths, also known affectionately as the hyphens) and the team on Peow Peow, known as the hardest working hikers in the sailing business at the ASBA Australian Winter Titles, held over the last weekend at Maloolaba.

Sailing with a fleet of 24 boats, Shaw 650s were out in force, making up the largest single one design class in the regatta, with 5 Shaws on the water.

Over 6 races, Moneyshot, the first production Shaw 650 built, racing using our production sails, ended up 2nd to the mighty Raptor, a Carwadine designed 8.5m racing machine skippered by Mark Buchbach, who's winning record in the sportsboat fleet is mighty impressive so far since he launched the boat.

Peow Peow, wound up in 3rd. Results as they happened here: Congrats also to Mr Magoo, skippered by longtime sportsboat legend Jason "Googles" who won division two. Find all the info and gossip on Aussie sportsboat sailing here: And if you don't already own a Shaw 650....what are you waiting for?  BUY NOW (send no money now, we'll bill you, and throw in a set of steak knives*).   * You must be within the first 50 callers :_)