Supporting Homebuilders & Other 6.5m Sportsboats

05 / 02 / 2014

As part of our new year resolution to expand the appeal of sportsboats, the Shaw 650 is a natural choice being that you purchase a complete boat (through us) or you can build yourself (plans available from us also).


In order to support the decision for home builders, we are pleased to announce the following components are now available for HOME BUILDERS of Shaw 650s with purchased plans of the Shaw 650 from Shaw Yacht Design: - keel - bulb - rudder - keelbox assembly - keel chocks (for transport) - Chainplates - Rudder gudgeons - Complete decksets - EVA deck precut - Road trailer - Trailer bunks In addition, for ALL sportsboats, we are pleased to announce the ability to supply road trailers, galvinised, suitable for sportsboats around 5.5m - 6.8m with weight not exceeding 750kg. For more information, hit us up by email!