Situation Normal for Sale

16 / 01 / 2015

Sadly for David Mann SNAFU is for sale; happily if you are in the market for a great Shaw 650, then this is an exciting purchase to consider! 

For sale

Situation Normal  $35 000

Production boat 2 out of New Zealand

Unfortunately a lack of time in the boat has resulted in the regretful sale.  Its time to give someone else a chance to experience this great design and use the boat to its potential

New rigging completed by Allyacht spars earlier in the year and not used since.

2 main (1 fair (Production), 1 good (Hood Brisbane))

4 headsails (2 x No1 (1 production and 1 Hood) and 2 x No2 (1 production and 1 Hood))

3 Kites (2 runners 1 fair (Production) 1 good (hood) and 1 reaching kite (Production))

Boat is generally to cat 5 which includes a trysail and heavy weather jib designed for the boat.

3.5hp outboard and handheld VHF is included with boat

Trailer has just been refurbished which included fitting of a new rubber torsion axle, guards and tyres.

Any other information in regards to equipment offered with boat or any details please contact or 0407724013


Have at it!