Shaws Perform in Mooloolaba Winter Nationals 2014

20 / 06 / 2014

The fleet of 6 Shaw 650s showed up ready to race, at the Winter Nationals, a 3 day event held in the open seas of Mooloolaba, and one of the largest sportsboat fleets ever assembled to date. Once again David Ellis in The Stig's Audi Cousin (we never get sick of that name) showed consistency and ability to stay on the right side of the light conditions, ending up 2nd overall in the 30 boat fleet. "The regatta was a lot in the 5-8 knot range which is obviously sub planing for the Shaw 650, but despite that I think we showed that the Shaw is still very competitive in the light stuff, and doesn't just need the 12 knots+ planning conditions to be on the podium," he explained to us after the race.

David's boat uses Doyle sails, with a relatively modest square top main; didn't seem to hurt them too much. Rees Howell in Octopussy is always right up there even when away from his homeland in Perth/Freo; in this regatta, he managed a credible 4th, beating The Stig in two races of the 6, but not quite there to make the last podium spot. The other 4 Shaws all had their moments, and with some new owners joining the fleet, it looks like the coming season will be a very fun one. With 6 Shaw 650s racing, that makes the Shaw 650 once again the largest one design boat in an Australian Sportsboat regatta.  Sadly for our sentimental favourite, Chris Bland's P***star was OCS in their last race when they picked a great shift to lead the Shaw 650s most of the way around the time you'll get 'em Chris! Congrats to Mark Buchbach and his flying machine RAPTOR, a Stealth 8.5, who finished the regatta in 1st overall with 5 wins and a 2nd (the race that David Ellis managed to just beat them on corrected); awesome stuff.  Mister Magoo skippered by Jason Ruckert won the Div 2 prize, picking up 4 wins in that subdivision, which brings together the slightly heavier sportsboats all together. Full results here:

The Stig's Audi Driving Cousin - Sail Mooloolaba 2014 - Day One of Racing -  Teri Dodds ©

The Stig's Audi Driving Cousin - Sail Mooloolaba 2014 - Day One of Racing - Teri Dodds ©[/caption] Image of the Mighty Stig is from the wonderful photography of Teri Dodds - more of her work from the regatta is available right here, including for purchase (The Stig's Audi Driving Cousin - Sail Mooloolaba 2014 - Day One of Racing - Teri Dodds © ). It's true that great things come from New Zealand! Coming up soon is Airlie Beach (pronounced correctly is it Ah-lay butch, the locals there somehow butcher it to sound like air-lee beeech) where many sailors will have their chully buns stacked full of Steinlager and rum and paint thinner AKA Bundy; we hope to see a bunch of Shaws making the trip!