Shaws Get 3rd SMS ASBA Australian Nationals; 1st PHS ASBA Australian Nationals

11 / 04 / 2012

New Shaws hit the water in Tasmania:Racing fresh out of the box boats which arrived and cleared customs late March, Mick Hinchey and Sam Edmunds put in a strong performance in the recent ASBA Australian Nationals held in sunny and tropical Tasmania.


Racing in winds ranging from 0 - 35 knots, and with shifts through 30 degrees as winds swept off the mountain and onto the course, local knowledge helped a little, with Sam Edmunds winning on day 1, using the SMS rating system which is the new international standard measurement rule for sportsboats, used in Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkey and Australia. Day 2/3 saw Mick Hinchey's Tickety Boo take big steps up the leader board, with Cam Rae's Monkey Business always lurking. In the end, the last day saw Sam Edmunds crash gybing downwind to avoid a boat sailing upwind, but despite this his brand new production Shaw 650 "Lickety Split" finished a very credible 3rd overall in one of the most competitive Australian fleets, featuring all the major Australian boat types spread over the East Coast.

Under PHS, Mick Hinchey picked up 1st overall, a nice prize for our rep of the Shaws on the east coast!

With a bit of a trip back to Port Stephens still to come, we wish the new Shaws the best of luck for racing in 2012, and look forward to a few new boats joining them later in the year.