Shaw 650 Sock Puppet Killin It in SD

29 / 10 / 2013

Over ghostly Halloween weekend, when all the freaks come out, Scot Tempesta and his Shaw 650 Sock Puppet cleaned up another club series this time with the CRA Halloween Regatta.


Image copyright Cynthia Sinclair

Image copyright Cynthia Sinclair.

Sailing in a steady 12-15 knots, they finished with the daily double X 2, winning on line and on handicap against the usual suspects (Viper 640, J80, Flying Tiger 7.5, Columbia 30) not once but twice. Said the main man, "unreal what we did downwind, put 3 minutes on the flying tiger 10's on a 2 mile leg in 12-15 true....!"  To which we say, "pics or it didn't happen!" [hoisted by his own petard] Results here {click on R1 or R2 to see actual finishing times}: