Shaw 650 Pornstar Winning and Winning (with a brazilian)

01 / 12 / 2014

Pornstar, ably helmed by the mighty Chris Bland has been putting a bit of pressure on the big boys in Melbourne, this time winning on line and handicap against a variety of 'graders' (sportsboat term for anything that weighs more than 800kg and looks like it has a toilet on it) in the recent Wednesday night race.   Putting 4.5 mins + over a J111 in an hour, and more than a leg on most of the fleet, with 2+ mins on corrected, Pornstar really is flying. 

Now about that Brazilian.  Pornstar was sailing this race with a new Brazilian on board.  Now there is a joke there somewhere, nope sorry all gone, and all that is left is a sting where something used to be.  But I digress.  In fact, Pornstar (as those eagle eyed will see) was racing with an extra body on board, and she's apparently Brazilian, she's fairly new to sailing, and now has a completely winning record to boast to all her friends about!  Hope to see you out on the water again, our new Brazilian friend!

Well done, and as always, if you don't own a Shaw, buy one.  Buy one now.