Pornstar Rocks the Opening Weekend

06 / 10 / 2014

The mighty Pornstar's season started yesterday, with Chris Bland earning major kudos (or kouros as we prefer to call it, the scent of the 1990s used car salesman able to be enjoyed from a radius of 100m) for returning her name back to Pornstar, plus a good result to boot!

Race was an around the cans with a pursuit start - in a fleet of 30 Pornstar crossed in about 8th ( first 10 finished within 2 mins., we got a competent handicapper ), the only boat to pass them was a Benteau 1st. 40 that beat them by 18 seconds, this despite a little drama around the track as they broke the bridle so we could have won but for the breakage.

Chris says, "Now we seem to have the rig nearly right, thank goodness, getting constant 5.8 to 6.2, peaking at 6.7 upwind in around 20 knots, in all about .3 faster than we were getting before."

Good stuff Chris!