Lickety Quick

25 / 05 / 2012

Lickety Split Downwind - Shaw 650 planing action in sub 12 knots:


Sam, the new owner of Lickety Split in Tasmania is enjoying getting out on the water in his Shaw 650, currently competing in the Winter Series where (as of May) he is placed 3rd.

As he says, "I can't fault the boat, It doesn't have any vices even when it's light, the thing just keeps going with weight forward.   As you can see we were up and planing in 12kts of wind (no white caps on the water)."

A few pics attached courtesy of photographer Sarah Gibson, during the Winter Series, where Sam has been also taking junior Sabot and Opti kids on board.  While we appreciate that Sabot and Opti kids know how to hike, we don't yet have a pic of an 8 year old trimming the big chute in 30 knots.....get back to us on that one ok Sam? wink


Shaw 650 Australia - sailing upwind in Tasmania in Lickety Split

Flat is fast - nice trim upwind on the Shaw 650