Happy New Year!

29 / 12 / 2011

Well it's been a good 2011 for Shaw 650s.....as we count our riches in Shaw McMansion, who would question our commercial success????  We don't do it for the money, we do it for the joy on your faces...our customers.  Sort of.

2011 saw some good Shaw showings in regattas...in the class's first year in Aussie. On both coasts, in Thailand, USA and NZ Shaws have reprazented with wins in Bay of Islands, TOG, and more.

Shaw induced dreams of beer, ferro cement people's foiling hartley 16s, league

Some call the Shaw 650 the most exciting sportsboat ever, and so adrenalin inducing, that former addicts have compared the rush of a 2 sail reach to a mega hit on the crack pipe.  Admittedly the boat doesn't feature water ballast unlike the MacGregor, nor does it have the exciting foiling characteristics of the people's foilers, but even so the boat is certainly good for a blast.

To those of you who think this boat is too challenging for you to race on, too difficult to helm in breeze, or far too fast to join your local fleet............one long time sportie sailor went out there on a Shaw recently, and found it so easy to race, he couldn't even stay awake!  Poor fella.  All those hours investigating the internet for interesting pictures...it takes its toll.

With a gentle motion through the water on the Shaw, the mind can drift to other thoughts; perhaps a home boat building project, or even great ideas like adding New Zealand to the State of Origin series.

Jokes aside, to all sportie sailors out there.....Have an awesome new year, a great 2012, and fair breeze ;_).