Great Result Sock Puppet!

16 / 12 / 2013

As the first Shaw 650 racing in San Diego, Sock Puppet is punching far above her weight.


In the recent 10 mile bay and ocean race Hotrum Race 3, Bruce Nelson guest helmed, taking the boat to an 8th overall, not bad out of a fleet of 102 finishers (and another 30+ DNCs). Apparently result might have been even a little better had it not been for a little, what we call, 'Shaw 650 moment' when the boat went a bit sideways, said the boyz on board "We did light it up some on the 3 downwind legs, Passing boats like they were standing still, well the 14' did get away from us both uphill and downhill. I think we would have ended up right up towards the front had we not wiped out on the way in." With a top speed of 15+ knots, this is how we like to sail!

Well done guys!