Congratulations - Octopussy 3rd Place Overall ASBA Sportsboat Nationals 2014

06 / 01 / 2014

Super effort by Octopussy, coming in 3rd overall in the ASBA Australian Sportsboat nationals held recently in Fremantle, Australia.


One of 3 Shaw 650s racing (originally was supposed to be 4, but difficulties in fitting into the shared container held off Mick Hinchey's Tickety Boo from making the trip), Rees Howell and his crew managed to stay consistent, although a little unlucky in suffering a tack line malfunction in the passage race (all the top 3 boats had dramas in various races).

Super effort by Fang in 1st, and Crank in 2nd. Enjoy a youtube video

Full results here: Loads of images here: