3 More Shaws

19 / 03 / 2012

Bringing delight to sailors throughout Australia, another 3 Shaws have landed in Australia with Moneyshot heading north to Brisbane, and the other two currently in Port Stephens en route to Tasmania. (not via a map of Tasmania, just Tasmania, the island that is halfway between New Zealand and Australia, and for our American friends, famed for Tasmanian devils, a creature that has a head of a goat and the body of a bat with legs like a monkey, and the voice of a young Harry Chronic Junior).

This is the first delivery of 3 expected delivery trips to Australia for the Shaw 650s...bringing fun and enjoyment etc etc speed blah blah blah one design racing blah blah (translation: It's cher bro!)

Our target with the Shaws has always been to bring a little excitement into the sportsboat fleet. With one design racing on the east coast now a certainty, we hope that there's going to be some good racing in the near future. Thanks again to East Coast Rep Mick Hinchey for all his hard work wink