Welcome to www.Shaw650.com, the home of one of the world's fastest production 6.5m sportsboats!

The Shaw 650 created by Designer Rob Shaw is a lightweight design that is easily driven, with lower sheet loads, easier planing and easier transportation. If you want to combine outstanding downwind performance with a boat that is rewarding and enjoyable sailing around any race course, we've got the answer to keeping up with the fleet (or leaving the fleet behind).  Our production Shaw 650 is fast, affordable and fun, to find out more about our design you've come to the right place!

The Shaw 650 already offers class racing in Australia, and has growing fleets in Thailand, USA, NZ and Switzerland.  We are the only sportsboat class that both offers production boats as well as actively supporting home builds, with plans available and one design rules developed to encourage home builds to race against glass boats.  Production Shaw 650s offer high quality with performance to match.

Super Deal - Stock Clearance DIY

If you have always wanted a Shaw 650, but haven't known how to buy one, then today is your lucky day.

Marking a new strategy which aims the boat at a guy (or girl) that likes to run lines, glue stuff and generally muck around boats, we are now offering the Shaw 650 as a ready to sail package, with some set up.

Boat package

- complete hull and decks, EVA deck, most deck fittings fixed in place

- coiled control lines, sheets, etc ready to lash on

- road trailer and packing materials

- foils package

- rig with fittings and rigging wire ready to swage and set up

- basic sails package included (main, jib, kite) - may be ex demo lightly used

Basically, we have had people asking how to buy cheaper...this is our solution.  Boat arrives in a container to your port, and you put in about 2 days of work to get things sorted as you like them.  Dead simple!

Special freight on board price ex Laem Chabang: $30,000 USD / $34,000 AUD / $34,000 NZD / $30,000 EURO / $30,000 CHK. 

On top you will need to pay shipping (around $6,000 USD per boat) and any relevant duties upon arrival (depends on the country, anywhere from 0% - 20% depending on the location - we can advise how much.  Order 2 boats....and the shipping cost halves!!!

On top you will have a few costs here and there for set up, or maybe you can do the work yourself. 

In either case....isn't this the boat you have been waiting for?

Email us to find out more!!

Shaw 650 Stig’s Audi Cousin Wins Geelong Festival of Sails 2015

Continuing a winning habit begun almost since getting the boat, David Ellis showed once again he is the quickest Shaw 650 in Australia, with a resounding win at Geelong's Festival of Sails 2015.

Finishing with 13 points over 8 races including 3 wins, the newly named Shaw 650 Dripping Wet (formerly Moneyshot) came in 3rd just a point behind the 2nd placed Viper Qld owned by former Shaw 650 racer the Leigh Hyphen Smiths.

Results here:


Fantastic video of Stig on fire downwind here:

And images from official photog Teri Dodds here:

We love this one in particular as The Stig leads another Shaw into the top mark!  Image by Teri Dodds purchases of all images available at her website www.teridodds.com

Situation Normal for Sale

Sadly for David Mann SNAFU is for sale; happily if you are in the market for a great Shaw 650, then this is an exciting purchase to consider! 

For sale

Situation Normal  $35 000

Production boat 2 out of New Zealand

Unfortunately a lack of time in the boat has resulted in the regretful sale.  Its time to give someone else a chance to experience this great design and use the boat to its potential

New rigging completed by Allyacht spars earlier in the year and not used since.

2 main (1 fair (Production), 1 good (Hood Brisbane))

4 headsails (2 x No1 (1 production and 1 Hood) and 2 x No2 (1 production and 1 Hood))

3 Kites (2 runners 1 fair (Production) 1 good (hood) and 1 reaching kite (Production))

Boat is generally to cat 5 which includes a trysail and heavy weather jib designed for the boat.

3.5hp outboard and handheld VHF is included with boat

Trailer has just been refurbished which included fitting of a new rubber torsion axle, guards and tyres.

Any other information in regards to equipment offered with boat or any details please contact david@cciscq.com or 0407724013


Have at it!